Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The Business of Baking!

Here at The Baking Sheet, I receive many emails with questions regarding pricing, cottage laws, contracts, cancellation policies, etc.

We understand the importance of the business side of the baking industry so I am thrilled to announce that the lovely Michelle Green from The Business of Baking has accepted my invitation to be a regular contributor to The Baking Sheet!!!!  

I would love for Michelle's articles to help answer some of your questions and start some interesting discussion on business topics! Whether you are thinking about starting a small cake business or already have an established bakery, there will be something for everyone!

Welcome Michelle!

A little about Michelle:
Michelle is a food writer, trained chef and pastry chef with a huge amount of knowledge and helpful insight into running a cake business. She is also the sole author of the blog, "The Business of Baking" - www.thebizofbaking.com.  "The Business of Baking" is specific to the baking and decorating industry and teaches you how to make a real living doing what you love. Michelle started cake decorating at sixteen years old and eventually turned her hobby into a business by becoming a pastry chef, then opening a custom cake business and owning it for ten years. These days, Michelle is an educator, consultant and author who mentors other decorators in business, proving that it's possible to run a business and maintain your sanity at the same time. In 2014 and 2015 Michelle will be teaching live classes all about running a sustainable business. More information on her courses can be found at  www.bizbakeontour.com.

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