Friday, November 9, 2012

Hurricane Sandy and a Cake Challenge!

It's Fall Ya'll....or is it?  

Looking out my window you would never know it's early November here on Long Island, NY...a Nor'easter blew in last night and dumped a few inches of snow on us!  This came after Hurricane Sandy ravaged the Northeast last week with 90 MPH winds, coastal flooding and power outages for 90% of Long Island.  It was a 1-2 punch that left much damage and destruction in it's wake.  Many people were forced to evacuate.  Whole communities lost everything.  It will take years of rebuilding. My family was extremely fortunate.  We never lost power and didn't have any major damage.  We have a lot to be thankful for.  Many are going on 12 days still without heat, electricity and even water and blankets.  Please send prayers to those who are continuing to suffer and if you have a few dollars to spare the Red Cross will gladly accept your donation.  
Thank you!

On a lighter note....

Prior to the storms, I was asked by some very talented cakey friends, Kathia (Pink Little Cake) and Melissa (The Baked Equation) to participate in a Fall Cake Challenge with some other very talented cake artists!!  What fun!!  However, due to the storms I haven't had much time for baking and decorating.  Still wanting to participate, I thought I would bring back and oldie but goodie from last Tom the Turkey cake!  I received many questions about how I made him, so here's a little insight!

  • Tom's body is made using the Wilton Wonder Mold pan
  • His neck and head are made from molded gumpaste on a thick wooden skewer pushed through the center of the cake.
  • His tail feathers were made using a set of daisy cookie cutters, in graduated sizes. (Each feather was cut from the petals.)  Then I layered the colors and "glued" them to Tom's back using melted chocolate.
  • Tom's feet were made from a purse-shaped cookie cutter.  I cut and separated the 3 toes and rounded the edges.
  • Tom's legs are blocks of cake that I cut from a 6" square cake.
  • Tom is covered in homemade marshmallow fondant and colored with Americolor Chocolate Brown.
  • His hat was made a few days in advance to give it time to harden.  I rolled black fondant around a 1.5" inch round bottle to let it dry.  Then I cut a 1.5" disk and placed it on top and a 2" disk for the bottom.
  • For more decorating tips and pictures, visit my Facebook Page!

  • Take a look at these amazing Fall cake projects!!  I am so honored to be among such talented ladies!  Check out their blogs listed below!

    Gobble Gobble Til you Wobble!  Only 13 More Days!!
    Happy Baking!


    1. Your turkey cake is adorable and full of life. Thank you for being part of this project and I am so happy that you didn't have a lot of damage in your house.

    2. What a chubby cute guy!!!! I would definitely eat steak and them some TURKEY CAKE!!! You are so talented.

    3. Loren! Thank you so much participating with us even admidst all the craziness. I was an admirer of yours long before I started even making cakes. I have some friends still without power right now back east. It is devastating.

    4. OMGoodness this plump little guy is amazing!! SO creative and I bet tasty too!! Thank you for sharing your talent!!

    5. How cute!!! I love how it says "Eat Steak" - hilarious!!! It was great being part of this cake project with you!! Juanita

    6. Your turkey is just perfect! You are so talented, Loren! The "Eat steak" sign made me laugh:) I'm glad your family is safe and doing well.

    7. Wow - what an impressive guy. Love his googly eyes and "eat steak" banner. You're so talented! It's nice to meet you and I have fun participating in this challenge with you. Take care, Patricia

    8. I love this cake. It's so creative with how you used different tools to create the body parts such as a purse cutter for the feet. Great job and I'm glad you and your family are safe from the Hurricane.

      Chineka - Savor the Baking

    9. Woow your cake looks so nice and cute! Love it! Nice to meet you thanks to cake challenge!

    10. Oh another favourite, this cake made me laugh. He is too cute to eat, especially now that you've named him!

    11. This is one awesome cake Lauren!

    12. Love Tom the Turkey!! Love *his* message too :)

    13. Wow, such amazing talent out there! And your turkey cake is just darling. :-)

    14. I love Tom the Turkey! You are an amazing cake artist :)