Tuesday, August 7, 2012

"Squeeze-It" Review & Giveaway!

 I was recently contacted by a Tupperware Representative and asked to review a fun product!  

It's called a "Squeeze-It Decorator" and it's used for decorating cakes.  It comes with 5 different "nozzles" (small round, closed star, open star, shell and filler) which are easily stored inside the Squeeze-It.  

Now I have to admit that as a cake decorator I was a bit skeptical.  I already own a gazillion PME decorating tips as well as loads of disposable and washable piping bags.  What did I need this for?

As  took it out of the box it dawned on me that this would be great for kids!  The "accordian" shaped body is great for little hands and not much strength is needed to push icing or batter through.  When I teach children I noticed that they often want to squeeze the piping bag with two hands...which is exactly what you need to do with the Squeeze-It!

(By the way - if any of you have arthritis or carpel tunnel, this might be the product for you!)

So we got busy making some cupcakes right away!

 Here is my 6 year old son filling cupcake tins using the Squeeze-It!

Cupcake batter easily squeezed out with no assistance from Mom!

 No drips!

 We were able to fill 8 cupcakes before we had to refill the Squeeze-It with more batter.

 This is my 6 year old student, Camryn!  She is obsessed with cookie and cake decorating just as much as I am!  Every week she comes over and we make something different.  This week we were working on buttercream and fondant flower cupcakes.

 We used the Squeeze-It to fill our Strawberry Lemonade cupcakes with vanilla buttercream filling!   

As a cookie decorator I also have a gazillion of those plastic, 6 oz. "squirt" bottles that I use to flood my sugar cookies with royal icing.  They do have a small mouth and I often struggle with filling them with icing.  They don't hold a lot of icing so I have to fill it often.  The Squeeze-It has a nice wide mouth that is super easy to filling with icing!  I used the small round tip to flood my cookies and it worked perfectly!  Easy clean up too!  Now if you're flooding cookies with many different colors it might not be worth it to clean the Squeeze-It out every time you change colors, but I used it on my Butterfly Cookies, which only had a white base of royal icing, no other colors...Awesome!

It is also great for squirting pancake batter on a hot griddle -  perfectly round pancakes!

 I also frequently make Italian Pizzelle cookies and French Crepes...squirting batter onto the hot griddles is so much easer!  No drips!

We even used the Squeeze-It to fill our Tupperware Ice Pops with juice!  What a great way to get the kids involved and not have a huge mess to clean up!

So overall I'm very happy with my Squeeze-It.  I may even pick up a few more for my group classes!

You can buy your own here!  But first, you may want to enter my Facebook Giveaway for your chance to win one!  Just click here to enter:  a Rafflecopter giveaway.  

Good Luck!


  1. My little one would so love this! He get's just as excited as I do when we are making cupcakes but he has a hard time with the icing bag being left handed. Thanks!

  2. That looks soooo cool........I would love to try it on my cakes!