Sunday, February 26, 2012

A Birthday Cookie Platter!

The birthday girl's sister asked me to create a cookie platter
representing a few of the birthday girl's favorite things....

 High heeled leopard print boots - I modeled these after a pair of Christian Louboutin's!

The birthday girl loves to work out in her Nike's.
 Her goal is to get to 110 lbs! (You go girl!)
 She is also a dedicated nursing student!

Her favorite TV show is "Dexter"!

Michele & Tammy: Sisters & BFFs!
Happy Birthday Tammy!


  1. are incredible!

    All of those look amazing and so cute. The personalization is so great, I am sure it was a perfect birthday!

  2. These are wonderful. Love the *sisters* cookie!

  3. These look amazing! You are amazing!

  4. This set is awesome. I especially love those Nike's! Almost the real thing, but sweeter!

  5. What a *sweet* sister you are to make these for the birthday girl. Love the boot cookies!