Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Guest Post & Tutorial!

Have you ever noticed that "glazed over" look that your friends, family and especially your hubby give you when you start talking about cookie and cake decorating?

 If you're like me, you can talk for hours about royal icing consistancy, or gumpaste petunias or the latest blogpost by SweetSugarBelle

I know it's just unfathomable, but not everybody is interested.  *gasp!*

I am lucky enough to have a few go-to girls in blogland that will "talk cake" with me all day long!  It's great to share tips and tricks and bounce ideas off of them, sans eye roll.

So today I wanted to introduce to you one of my very best go-to girls:  Linzy from Flour & Sugar Thoughts.  Even though Linzy is based in California and I'm in New York and we have never met face-to-face, we quickly became friends.  I refer to Linzy as my "Sugar Sister" due to our common love of all things sweet!  Linzy is not just focused on cookie decorating or cake decorating, but dabbles in both!  Check out some of her gorgeous homemade sweets:

I know, I know...I'm drooling too.  Such talent!  And that wedding cake...yeah she made it...and it was for her OWN wedding!!  Now if you really want an excuse to be jealous....
Linzy is also stunningly beautiful and smart (she's a DOCTOR!). 

Linzy was kind enough to create a really cool tutorial for us today!  Check it out....


Brush Embroidery Tutorial

Hello all of you Baking Sheet fans! Isn’t Loren’s work amazing!!! I am truly so honored to be guest posting on such an amazing baker’s blog who not to mention is a published baker none the less!

So what I am sharing with all of you today is a tutorial on brush embroidery technique, namely brush embroidery flowers. I want you all to get one message from this tutorial…brush embroidery may be one of the most versatile decorating techniques out there. Not only does it work for cookies, but also cakes, cupcakes, and cake pops! What’s not to love about that?!?! Oh and did I mention it is super simple even though it looks complexly sophisticated?!?! Seriously people, what are you waiting for, it’s time to give it a shot and I am here to help!

First things first…

Here is what you will need to complete the beauties pictured above:

• Cake pops coated in candy melt of your choice-I used my chocolate-hazelnut pops with milk chocolate coating. You can also use any “sweet canvas” of your choice: cookies, a cake or cupcakes.

• One food-safe paintbrush-I have the Wilton 3-pack which I find works great.

• Candy decorating plastic squeeze bottle fitted with a #2 tip (if you don’t have these bottles, just use a piping bag fitted with a #2 tip).

• Melted candy melts, in color of your choice, adequately thinned with vegetable oil (think royal icing consistency). If you chose another sweet canvas, use the appropriate paint for the canvas ie. cake/cupcakes = buttercream on buttercream or RI on fondant, cookies = RI or glaze on completely dry/set RI or glaze.

Now for the How-To:

One thing to keep in mind if you are doing the brush embroidery on cake pops is that because your cake-pops are cool and because candy melts set pretty quickly, make sure you have all of your stuff together before sitting down to decorate. You have to make pretty quick work of your brush embroidery, otherwise the melts will set and you won’t get much of the “brush” effect. If you are using another canvas and paint, this is not a problem.

Step #1: Pipe a semicircle that approximates 1/3 of the total size you desire your flower to be.

Step #2: With your paintbrush, place the bristles at the beginning of the semicircle about half-way into the girth of the line, like so, and sweep you brush inward about 1/8-1/4”, depending on how many rows of petals and how big your flower is. Do this across the entire semicircle, keeping in mind you want to sweep you brush to a central point to make it appear more like a petal.

Step #3: Repeat steps #1 & #2 two more time to create the outer petals of your flower.


Step #4: Now move onto the inner petals of the flower. Repeat the above steps to fill in the flower, you should be able to get 3 inner petals as well. Try to off-set them from your outer petals, again, this makes it look more realistic.

Step #5: Depending on how large your flower is, you may have room for another set of petals, if so, do so as in the above steps. If not, you can finish your flower with the center petals and stamens. I do 2 small center petals, and by using the edge of the brush, you can achieve a well defined center. Finally, to add your stamens, add a dot of candy melt/icing in the center and place 1-3 sugar pearls. I used white sugar pearls; however, have you ever wished you had a certain color of sugar pearls, but can’t reason out buying an entire jar of them? Well you’re in luck; check out my brief tutorial on coloring them yourself!

Voila! There you have it, brush embroidery 101 and just look how great these beauties look! I glammed them up just a touch with some gold luster dust because who doesn’t love a little sparkle!

And how about a cake truffle (sans stick)!

I have a number of brush embroidery projects on my blog, so if you are having a difficult time picturing the various canvases and paints, take a look at what I have.  :o)

Okay…I think you get the point!

Thank you all so much for checking out my tutorial and I would LOVE to have a visit from you all on my site Flour & Sugar Thoughts anytime!

Happy baking, happier eating!


  1. These are so amazing, I love the idea for the cake pops. Beautiful work!!!

  2. Great brushed embroidery work. Love the idea of the pearls!

  3. Linzy just blows my mind! I am WAY ovedue for a visit, and I am sorry I am so late to say how impressed I am! Both of your girls are suprememly talented and encouraging!!!