Saturday, August 7, 2010

Happy Birthday Cupcakes!

Had the pleasure of making these chocolate and yellow cupcakes for my friend's daughter's birthday which is the same day as Grandpa's birthday.

Happy 1st Birthday Kate!!
Happy 70th Birthday Joe!!

I also made each their own smash cake!

Carrot Cake #70

Strawberry Cake #1


  1. those are adorable! You should do a tutorial on how to make a smash cake! I would love to know :)

  2. Thanks Kate! As far as I know a smash cake is just a small cake typically given to a 1 year old on his/her birthday for the sole purpose of getting messy! It makes a great photo-op! For these I used the Wilton Fanci-fill cake pans (2-layer, 4" round pans). Both are filled with buttercream and covered in fondant, then topped with more buttercream!

  3. Cute! Love the colors.