Thursday, May 13, 2010

"A Night at the Races" Cookies!

So my fab friend Tanya over at Save The Date for Cupcakes is putting together a dessert table for a fundraiser with a "Night at the Races" theme. You know...Kentucky Derby, horses, fancy hats, MINT JULEPS!! LOL! Anyway, she asked me to make some horseshoe cookies to match some toppers she made for her cupcakes.


And this is what I came up with!

Can't wait to see Tanya's finished table... It will be awesome, I'm sure!!


  1. Hi Loren, These are super cute. I actually have an order for horseshoes next week. I was afraid to draw the horseshoe freehand so I bought a horseshoe cookie cutter. How did you get them to look so perfect? They are too cute!!

  2. Thanks girls!

    Julie - I frequently use plastic stencil sheets that I get at Michaels to use as a template. I just cut it out with an Exacto knife and then place it on top of the cookie and outline it with an edible pen. I also used this method for my Betty Boop cookies. I'm still waiting for my KopyKake projector to will make this process a lot easier!! :o)

  3. Thanks Loren! That is a great idea. Let me know how the KopyKake projector is. I am still so new to this that if I asked for one, I think my husband would laugh at me. LOL!!!

  4. Loren, I just found your blog and I'm pretty sure I will get NOTHING done today just reading all of your posts! AND...I have to say that being from Kentucky.....this post made my heart SWOON! Love love love the cuteness!