Sunday, April 11, 2010

Cookie & Cake Decorating Party!

Recently I was invited to teach cookie & cake decorating at a birthday party! The birthday girl, who turned 11 years old and her 10 friends are big fans of the Cake Boss and Ace of Cakes so they wanted to try their hand at decorating some sugar cookies and making a birthday cake. The girls are also really into sports so we decided on baseball, soccer cleat, uniform shirt and tennis racket cookies. And for the birthday cake - a soccerball. I think the girls had a really good time and I had a blast!! That's me in the pink shirt!

We started off with dough, powdered sugar and rolling pins flying everywhere!

These are some of my demo cookies...

The girls jumped right in and got creative!

Not bad, right?!?

Pretty darn good!

Love the smiley on this one!

Now on to the cake!

I pre-made a 10" round and a half-soccer ball cake - both chocolate!

The birthday girl trying out her new skills...

Everyone took turns making stars & grass!

Then we added a fancy shell border around the bottom...

Happy 11th Birthday Sabrina!

The Masterpiece!


  1. This looked like it was alot of fun!!! I need to take lesson from you some of these young ladies decorate cookies better then I do!! LOL!!

  2. That looks like so much fun :)

  3. That is awesome!! It's nice to get these young little ladies involved like that. My hats off to you!