Sunday, February 28, 2010

Is it too early for Easter cookies???

Just playing around with some new Easter designs... thanks to Louise @ Sweetopia for her inspiration!


  1. If you keep this up, your husband isn't going to get you a KopyKake!LOL

    Great job! Did you just dust on the ears and cheeks?

  2. LOL! Thanks but mine isn't anywhere near as good as Louise's. I freehanded the outline and then just used some leftover icing from other projects. Yes, I used some luster dust on her ears and cheeks. Not bad for a first try I guess! I'm trying to talk my hubby into getting the KopyKat before our anniversary in May. I could really use it for these Easter cookies! :o)

  3. Very cute..Love it!! I have been enjoying looking at your creations!! I know..I want a KopyKake so bad!!