Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Ballet Slipper Cookies!

Congratulations to my beautiful niece, Kenzie who recently earned her pointe shoes!! A huge milestone for a prima ballerina! xoxo Kenz!


  1. Congrats! They sell similar cookies to these at intermission when I go to the Pacific Northwest Ballet. (They also had a mouse king cookie, so you could re-enact Clara hitting the mouse king with a pointe shoe, but in cookies!)

    Also, you should think about getting her a pointe shoe shirt to celebrate! We just got a new shipment in at

    Congrats! Pointe is a big milestone!

  2. Thanks David! I'll take a look at the t-shirt...great idea!
    And thanks for making me aware that I spelled "pointe" wrong! I fixed it! LOL! :o)

  3. Wow, your things are amazing! What a great talent you have. Just gorgeous. I would be afraid to eat these things, I wouldn't want to mess them up, lol. Amazing detail. I love the snowflakes and everything Christmas.